Referee Liaison Program

Referee Liaison Duties

Thank you for volunteering to be your teams’ referee liaison for today’s game. This is an important initiative by EMSA South in an attempt to curb referee abuse by certain parents and coaches alike. By volunteering you are providing a valuable service to the youth soccer community, which is much appreciated.

The following is a guide to your responsibilities:

  • Please introduce yourself to the referee prior to the start of the game and tell them that you are here to help them if they require it
  • Please wear the identifying armband provided by your team
  • Locate yourself on the spectator side of the field on your team’s side of halfway
  • Monitor the behavior of your teams’ spectators
  • Be visible at half-time and full-time by walking on the field with your fellow liaison from the other team
  • Walk towards the referee and be ready to assist the referee if needed (not applicable indoor)
  • Quickly diffuse potential problems before they arise by either being visible or calmly speaking with the individual(s) involved
  • Deal with, and act on, inappropriate comments, gestures and/or general unsporting behavior directed at the referee, players, or any other individual by your teams’ spectators or coaches but please avoid getting into a confrontation
  • Submit a brief report in writing of any incident that you feel EMSA South should be aware of involving inappropriate behavior by ANY individual. Based on any submitted report someone from EMSA South will conduct an investigation into the incident and act accordingly