VOLUNTEER POLICY – updated June 2017

  • According to the EMSA South policy, implemented September 2007, parents of ALL EMSA South soccer players are required to write a $250 Volunteer Deposit cheque (one per family) there is only 1 – 4 hour commitment per family required.
  • EMSA South will require a “Volunteer Deposit” for each player in the program (maximum of one per family), which will be shredded or returned un-cashed once a volunteer-based commitment has been fulfilled.
    EMSA South will identify, advertise, and coordinate a number of soccer-related volunteer opportunities. In collaboration with the local Community Leagues, EMSA South will also
    promote a list of community-focused volunteer opportunities. Adult family members of MWSA-registered players may volunteer for either soccer or community-related to
    redeem their deposit cheque. However, priority will generally be given to the requirements of the soccer program.
    Volunteer opportunities may include a wide range of EMSA South, EMSA, or Community sanction activities, including Bingo or Casino work. However, those who use the
    activity to redeem their Volunteer Deposit cheque must not also receive other compensation (e.g., Community voucher).
    EMSA South will shred the volunteer deposit cheques of ALL volunteers who performed an acceptable voluntary role (i.e., within MWSA program, or the community league
    where they reside). Alternatively, the check may be picked up at the EMSA Southoffice.
    ALL cashed Volunteer Deposit checks will be recorded as a separate line item in the budget, which will be used to advance the MWSA program.
  •  Parents are offered various opportunities to volunteer for EMSA South or their community and will be asked to volunteer a maximum of 2 times per season.If both opportunities to volunteer are refused, the cheque will be cashed. Failure to respond to a request (via email or phone) within 72hrs constitutes a refusal to volunteer.As we send mass emails they sometimes end up in your ‘junk’ folder, please check your junk folder as this is not an excuse to not respond. If someone other than the parents/guardians named on the volunteer form fulfills the commitment, they need to provide the following information in order to clear the commitment:
    • Parent/guardian name(s)
    • Community league name and phone number

    Those who do volunteer have their cheque destroyed. Only those who refuse to fulfill their commitment or do not wish to volunteer have their cheques cashed.

    Volunteers are needed from Registration to Provincials. For the Outdoor Season volunteer opportunities are available starting in February until August. 
Volunteer opportunities are available starting in August until March for the Indoor Season.