EMSA South is a volunteer run organization, parent volunteers are required to make the program a success.

  • Teams are coached by parent/sibling volunteers.
  • No experience coaching is necessary, but all coaches must attend the required NCCP Level Training. Training information will be provided to the volunteer and covered by the association upon completion.
  • This volunteer position is a great role for many people looking to be ambassadors in their community and expand on leadership skills. A reference letter for all our volunteers can be supplied by the Executive Director upon request.
  • Time commitment will range from 2 – 3 sessions a week with your team, beginning from late April into July.
  • If you are interested in Coaching, please select the Coach option under your Volunteer Requirement on the Registration Form and the appropriate Age Rep will be in contact with you prior to season start.  You will also need to register as a Team Official in the Portal.

NOTICE: All coaching staff must register as a team official in the EMSA Soccer Portal. This includes any Community or Club/Premier coaches as well as Managers, Assistant Coaches and Head Coaches.

Coaching Multiple Teams:

If you would like to be a team official for multiple teams, you MUST submit a team official registration for each team. Please contact your community league if you have any questions.

If you are a head coach that decides to coach multiple teams that play on the same day, the EMSA Portal will do it’s best to accommodate both teams and work it out so that the games do not overlap.  However, this is NOT guaranteed to work out perfectly!  Due to the many parameters that are in place, the sheer amount of games and multiple conflicts we have there could be a few games that will conflict with one another.  The coach will need to be prepared with a backup plan, such as having their assistant coaches or manager take care of one of the teams for those few games.  If there are no registered assistant coaches or managers on the team that are able to help out the EMSA office can do up a special permission letter for the conflicting games so that a parent or another coach from a different team can go on the bench and help out that day.

Please CLICK HERE to go to the EMSA Soccer Portal.

All Team officials will only be put onto a team once they have completed a Valid Security clearance with Vulnerable Section Check
and submitted to EMSA South and registered as a team official on the EMSA Soccer Portal.