Conduct forms

EMSA South – Players Code of Ethics

As a player in the EMSA SouthI understand that I am expected to abide by the Player’s Code of Conduct guidelines described below:

  1. I will respect the game, my teammates, my coaches and the referee’s.
  2. I will never argue a referee’s call.
  3. I will not make comments to a referee from the field or bench.
  4. I will never argue a coach’s decision.
  5. I will settle disagreements with coaches and other players in a confidential / private manner after games and practices and away from other players.
  6. I will never fault other players when mistakes occur.
  7. I will always listen to and look at a coach while they are talking.
  8. I will always be in control of my temper.
  9. I understand that swearing, throwing equipment (balls, water bottles) or any other actions that detract from the game will result in immediate removal from the game and possible suspension.
  10. I will work hard for myself and my team.
  11. I will take pride in myself and everything I do on the field.
  12. I will make every effort to maximize my playing ability.
  13. I will lead by being an example for my teammates.
  14. I will ALWAYS play by the rules.
  15. I will always show up on time for games and practices.
  16. I understand that the goals of playing soccer with MWSA are to have fun and develop my soccer skills and create team spirit.

EMSA South – Parents Code of Ethics

As a parent of a child playing in the EMSA South soccer program, I agree to and will comply with the Parent’s Code of Conduct outlined below:

  1. I will remember that my child plays for his or her enjoyment, not for mine.
  2. I will always encourage my child to play by the rules.
  3. I will always encourage my child to respect the coaches, their teammates and the referee’s
  4. I will never criticize a referee’s judgment or direct negative comments towards them.
  5. I will not be a “Grand Stand” coach during games or practices.
  6. I will always address any questions or concerns to the Coaching staff at the appropriate time, defined as after games or practices and away from the players.
  7. I will do my best to be a supportive, involved parent without interfering with the operation of the team.
  8. I realize that I have enrolled my child to have fun, develop their soccer skills and have a positive team experience and will do my best to support these objectives.
  9. I understand that the game of soccer can be very difficult to learn and play.
  10. I will remember that children learn best by example. I will applaud the good plays by both my child’s team and their opponents.
  11. I will teach my child that trying their hardest despite the score or situation is extremely important.
  12. I understand that the goals of playing soccer with the MWSA are to have fun, develop my child’s soccer skills and create team spirit.
  13. I understand that MY not abiding by the guidelines of this Parents Code of Conduct or by displaying any other inappropriate conduct will result in my being asked to leave the field and may possibly result in my child not playing.


  • Following a 24-hour “Cooling Off” period, talk to your Manager/Coach. This should  resolve most if not all issues.
  • If you cannot obtain satisfaction from the Manager/Coach, contact your Community Representative.
  • If no satisfactory solution is obtained from your Community Rep, contact the MWSA President, 1st Vice President or 2nd Vice President.