Security Clearance Forms

Every three years EMSA South requires an Edmonton Police Service Criminal Record Check from all volunteers who are in regular contact with our players. This means all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers. EMSA South conducts these record checks at no cost to our volunteers.

If your security check will expire prior to the end of the season you will be required to complete a security form at the beginning of the season to ensure there are no delays when it comes time for provincials; no coaching staff will be allowed to attend provincials if they do not have a valid security check, this is an ASA directive.
If you live outside of Edmonton City limits (Sherwood Park, Beaumont, etc…) you must go to the RCMP detachment closest to you to have your security check done by them.  An originally signed letter from EMSA South stating that you are volunteering with us must be picked up from the EMSA South office and brought with you to the RCMP when you go to have your security check done.  Most RCMP detachment will not charge you for this security check but if you are charged then EMSA South will reimburse you as long as you have a receipt.  You will either get a form or a letter from your RCMP detachment stating you are cleared; this will need to be submitted to EMSA South.

Please contact Heather for more information.


 If you need to go for an interview you will be contacted by the Edmonton Police directly.  While it is called an interview, in some cases it may mean being finger printed; this may be required to verify your identity or it may mean that a criminal record has been noted and your attendance is needed to authorize the Edmonton Police to release the details of your offense to the soccer association.  Another possible reason for the interview could simply mean that the security form submitted was not legible.

Once your security check is completed after the interview you will get a certificate from the EPS (either by mail or you picking it up from the station); a copy of that certificate must be sent to the EMSA South Office either by email or dropped off at the office.

Regardless, it all means a personal appearance at the EPS station is required from you; their location is #108-14315 on 118 Ave where the details of the issue will be discussed with you. Please note that you will be required to produce two pieces of Government ID, one of which must be a photo ID.