2022/2023 Indoor Equipment Return dates to be announced.


Hope you all had a great season and Thank you for volunteering!

Just a reminder that the Outdoor Equipment return is upon us. The Equipment return for Community teams is on:

  • Wednesday, July 27, 2022, from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM  at the Mill Woods Soccer Equipment warehouse
– For U5 and U7 teams the Tim Horton’s jerseys, and balls are a keepsake for the players. All other team equipment needs to be returned on one of the above return dates. 
– For U9, U11, U3, U15 and U17 teams: Please collect your teams’ jerseys. Jerseys must be laundered and dry upon returning them to the equipment warehouse. If you did not submit a completed team jersey record form and/or your players jersey deposit cheques to the office please bring both your team roster (complete with the jersey #s assigned to each player) and the players jersey deposit cheques to the equipment return. Players jersey deposits are not to be returned to the player/parent by the coaching staff/team. If jerseys are missing, please identify the missing jersey number, the player’s name, and if applicable please also bring the appropriate player jersey deposit cheque to the equipment return. Jerseys will be inspected and if in good standing the applicable jersey deposit cheques will be shredded. 
All Equipment Handouts and returns are done at the Mill Woods Soccer Equipment warehouse. The MWSA Equipment warehouse is located at 9904-71 Ave NW – entrance way to the equipment warehouse is located at the overhead doors on the northside of the building. The warehouse has a mural of Joey Moss on it and faces 99 St. Free Parking is available at the Russel Metals Parking lot adjacent to 9904-71 Ave. Please see the attached equipment warehouse map.  
Coaches, if you cannot make it please make alternate arrangements with another coaching staff member or parent on your team to return the team equipment on your behalf.  Please note: Team Equipment, including players’ jerseys are not to be returned to the MWSA office. 

If you have questions or concerns please email me at equipment.mwsa@gmail.com.

Equipment Map