Team Manager Duties

Generally speaking, Team Managers are selected by the Coach from among the parents of the players on the team and must be approved by EMSA South. Once appointed, the Team Manager remains in that role until he/she declares their intent to abandon the role, or when asked by the Coach or EMSA South to do so. Until such time, Team Managers must have the support of the organization, Coach, players and their parents.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

The Team Manager may be assigned a variety of responsibilities based on the Coach’s style or expectations, age category of the team, and expectations of the parents. Nevertheless, he/she may be involved in the following tasks:

  • Draft, update and distribute the necessary documentation for the team (e.g., team list with contact number, schedule of practices or games, notices of team photo taking, tournament schedules, etc.). This may include completing game sheets, filing game results with the appropriate authority, and handling/administering carding requirements, where necessary.
  • Collect from the players or their parents the funds necessary to run the team (i.e., practice space rental, equipment purchase/rental, photos).
  • Arrange tournament registration, payment.
  • Coordinate the photo taking session with the photographer and advise players/parents of time and place
  • Support the coach and the team behind the bench (i.e., operate the gate in indoor season), or on the field (i.e., manage the players that are off the field in the outdoor season.
  • Help or arrange the end-of-season party.
  • Be available to listen to parents’ concerns and relay these, as appropriate, to the Coach or the appropriate Community Rep.
  • Be a cheerleader for the players!

The Team Manager should expect to be supported by the Coach, Assistant Coach, the team’s parents, andEMSA South. The Team Manager should communicate, as quickly as possible, any of his/her concerns with the parents to the Coach. If that is not possible or is not addressed properly by the Coach, the Team Manager should discuss these concerns with the appropriate Community Representative. Any concern that is still left unattended should be communicated to the EMSA South Executive Director, 1st Vice-president, or President.  The Team Manager must also read and sign a copy of the Code of Conduct for Team Officials, confirming that he or she understands the Code of Conduct and consents to abide by it while acting as the Team Manager.