Volunteer Duties Descriptions

Volunteers are needed from Registration to Provincials. In Outdoor, the volunteer opportunities are available starting in February until August.
  In Indoor, the volunteer opportunities are available starting in August until March.

With the exception of the Team Officials, all volunteer duties last no more than four (4) hours. At the end of the volunteer duty your cheque or credit card authorization form will be shredded.

EMSA South is a volunteer run organization, parent volunteers are required to make the program a success.
Teams are coached by parent/sibling volunteers.
No experience is necessary. All we need is a willing volunteer who wants to learn how to encourage and teach our players the skills necessary. Coaching courses are available and MWSA reimburses all of our Coaches for the cost of coaching courses required.  If you are interested in Coaching, please select the Coach option under your Volunteer Requirement on the Registration Form and the appropriate Age Rep will be in contact with you prior to season start.  You also need to Register as a Team Official in the portal.

Coach (this is a full season commitment)

  • Coaches are in charge of the team. Responsibilities include:
  • Pick up the team’s equipment bag and jerseys ($350 deposit cheque required).
  • Contact players.
  • Hold a parents meeting to inform the parents of all things necessary pre-season.
  • Utilize the skills and drills for practices created by our Technical Directors, fill in all of the game scores and game sheets (U9-U19), attend technical clinics and training sessions and run the games.
  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators.

Assistant Coach

The assistant coach attends the meetings that the coach isn’t able to, helps run the practice drills, and he/she might carry the equipment for the coach.

Team Manager

The team manager can act as the contact person for the team, sending out information and correspondence from the coach to the parents via email or phone. They can arrange for the team photos, any tournament entries, team fundraisers, money collection, and end of season parties.

Equipment Manager

The equipment manager together with the coach (some of the coaches like to keep some of the equipment on them throughout the season) can decide that this person transports the balls, nets, and flags or some of the equipment to all the practices and games as well as sets up and takes down the net before and after outdoor games.  This is for U9 and up.  This person collects all jerseys at the last game of the season, launders them and returns them to the Coach prior to Equipment Return.  If the coach is unable to attend the equipment return date then the equipment manager can alternatively return the equipment on behalf of the Coach.

Bench Parents

ALL teams must have at least one adult on the bench and in the change room that is of the same gender as the players. For example, if the Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager of a GIRLS team are all male, then they must include a fourth person – one of the parents, to be a “Bench/Change Room Mom” who would be present at all times. This is required for all games. The same, in reverse, applies to the BOYS team that requires a “Bench and Change Room Dad”.

Referee Liaison

It is mandatory for every team (U9 – U19) to provide a referee liaison for every league game. The liaison can be a different person each game and can be anyone with the exception of the coach or assistant coach. The name of the referee liaison MUST be marked in the area provided on the game sheet. The team has a 15 minute grace period in which to provide a liaison or it will default the game. Please ensure the ref liaison name is marked on the game sheet.

Gym Patrol

Gym Patrol is responsible for ensuring that the parents, siblings, and family members that attend the practices or games in school gyms all take off their wet or dirty footwear, that there are no beverages other than water allowed in the gyms, and that anything moved is returned to the original spots, no equipment left behind, and no empty bottles, etc. left behind once your team is finished for the night.

Evaluations Volunteers

Responsibilities here include signing up players making sure they are in correct age category, Collect fees, handing our jerseys, returning jerseys, etc. Select FC Coaches are there to actually evaluate the players.

Equipment Volunteers

Equipment Volunteer’s responsibilities include ensuring that when the coaches return their equipment, it is all there and in good condition. Volunteers are also responsible for equipment hand out which includes stuffing bags with soccer balls, making first aid bundles, and checking to ensure that a full set of jerseys are in each bag. The equipment warehouse is at Russel Metals on 99 Street and 71 Avenue.

Tournament Volunteers

Responsibilities here include:

  • Setting up tents, tables, and stations
  • Setting up the candy shack, and operating the slush, popcorn and cotton candy machines
  • Working the concession
  • Selling products
  • BBQing
  • Keeping HQ tidy
  • Organizing medals for presentation
  • Supervising the dunk tanks and kicking cages, bouncy castle, or obstacle course.
  • Tear down the tents, packing up the equipment into trucks, and ensuring the garbage and recyclables are taken care of, etc.

Field Marshall

Field Marshalls direct coaches to the fields that they should be playing on, collecting & returning game sheets to headquarters, reporting game scores to headquarters and being a liaison between coaches/referees and other team officials.

Head Quarters Volunteers

Head Quarters Volunteers maintain the head office for the tournament. The referees, field marshals and other tournament volunteers check in here and receive their volunteer t-shirts to wear for the event. The field marshals are given their instructions, maps and radios here. The standings, score sheets and disciplinary actions are also recorded here.

Pre-Season Camp Volunteers

Pre-Season Camp Volunteers are there to help the players and coaches sign in, give directions to where they need to be, hand out pinnies, etc.

Casino Volunteers

Casino Volunteers help to work the casino once every 18 months. The positions available are general manager, banker, cashier, chip runners, and count room. Shifts are either during the day from 11-7 p.m. or at night from 6-3:00 am

No Preference

These volunteer duties can include assisting in the office with filing, calling parents, these duties are at the discretion of the Executive Director on an as need basis.

There are many tournaments through our association and through EMSA that you can volunteer for including:

  • Polar Cup – Last weekend of December
  • City Finals
  • Provincials
  • Slush Cup
  • FC Memorial Cup
  • Intercities

Upcoming Opportunities

EMSA South has many opportunities to volunteer at various events.

You may contact our Volunteer Coordinator volunteercoordinator.mwsa@gmail.com if you are interested in a specific event. Volunteer opportunities go from Registration to Provincials.

For Indoor, opportunities are from August until March.
 For Outdoor, opportunities are from February until August.

Volunteers Needed!

To confirm your volunteer commitment please email volunteercoordinator.mwsa@gmail.com