EMSA South is a volunteer run organization, parent volunteers are required to make the program a success.

Teams are coached by parent/sibling volunteers.
No experience is necessary. All we need is a willing volunteer who wants to learn how to encourage and teach our players the skills necessary. Coaching courses are available and EMSA South reimburses all of our Coaches for the cost of the coaching courses required.  If you are interested in Coaching, please select the Coach option under your Volunteer Requirement on the Registration Form and the appropriate Age Rep will be in contact with you prior to the season start.

You must also fill out a Team Official Registration every season https://emsasoccerportal.com/

Coach (this is a full season commitment)

  • Coaches are in charge of the team. Responsibilities include:
  • Pick up the team’s equipment bag and jerseys.
  • Contact players.
  • Hold a parents meeting to inform the parents of all things necessary pre-season.
  • Plan the drills for practices, fill in all of the game score sheets, attend technical clinics and training sessions and run the games.
  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators.

Assistant Coach (this is a full season commitment)

The assistant coach attends the meetings that coach isn’t able to, helps run the practice drills, and he/she might carry the equipment for the coach.

Team Manager (this is a full season commitment)

The team manager can act as the contact person for the team, sending out information and correspondence from the coach to the parents via email or phone. They can arrange for the team photos, any tournament entries, team fundraisers, money collection, and end of season parties.

Equipment Manager (this is a full season commitment)

The equipment manager is the person who carries the balls, nets and flags to all the practices and games as well as sets up and takes down the net before and after games. This is for U9 and up and in the outdoor season only.