General Info

Referee Registration Renewal and Outdoor Course Registration

The ASA is excited to announce that a new online service is in place for referees for  registration renewal and outdoor course registration.

Instructions for online registration renewal for all Youth, District, Regional, Provincial, National & FIFA referees who were registered was sent out via email in the last few weeks. If you did not receive your email please contact Carmen at as soon as possible to get the information you need to renew your registration. Please include your full name and city/town of residence in your email. To avoid late penalties referees need to register by April 1st.

The registration tool for Refresher courses is now active.

Registered referees just need to log into their Ref Centre account at and you will find the Refresher Course tool under the Registration menu item. There are only a couple of options for courses at this time as a number of requested courses are still to be approved as instructors are confirmed. Please check back if you do not find a course date or location that works for you as courses will be added daily as they are approved. All registrations for approved refresher courses must be done through your new Ref Centre account and only the participants in these courses will be added to the official ASA referee database.

Referees who are 12 or 13 years old (completed the one day course) will have their instructions for renewing their registration sent to them shortly. These referees were called ‘Youth (12 & 13 yrs)’ previously and are now called ‘Mini’. There is no renewal fee for their registration, but they must be registered to be added to the database.

This user-friendly referee management system will allow us to have better communication with our referees and improved records management. Referees will have immediate access to their personal history such as registration, course participation, assessment reports, fitness testing records, etc.

Thank you for your patience while we work toward finalizing the details so that this transition process goes as smoothly as possible.

Important notes

Each year, every referee in Alberta must:

  • Renew their annual registration before April 1st
. This registration is valid for one outdoor season and the following indoor season (April 1 – March 31 of the following year).
  • Complete the online refresher survey (before attending the refresher).
  • Attend a refresher course prior to each season they wish to be assigned games. ASA will provide the Laws of the Game to referees at their refresher course – these will not be mailed to the referees individually.

Other Important Notes:

  • If a referee lets their registration lapse for one year or more, they lose their status as a referee. If they choose to begin refereeing again in the future, they must take an Entry Level course again (they cannot just take a refresher course).
  • If a referee doesn’t complete all three of the necessary requirements (listed above), they are not eligible to referee in Alberta and will not be added to ASA’s list of registered referees.

Course Information is available at the EMSA website.

If you have any questions please call the EMSA Mill Woods Referee Assignor, Ricardo Lodhar at 780-721-5710.