Field/Game Do’s and Don’ts

Field Do’s and Don’t

  1. U5,  Two games will be going on at the same field – so please be aware that field etiquette is very important.
  2. Pets at soccer games – no pets of any kind are to be attending soccer matches; City of Edmonton Bylaw 2202
  3. No smoking at the games/sidelines especially by the coaching staff.  City of Edmonton Bylaw 14614
  4. Sunflower seeds, if your parents are bringing these to snack on at the games please ask them to bring a baggie for the shells being left behind.  Not only are the shells creating a huge mess but they are attracting birds which are snacking on them and then leaving their own “mess” behind.
  5. All other snacks and drinks – please remind your families to clean up after themselves.  There have been many wrappers/napkins/juice boxes and general garbage being left behind on the fields.

Game Do’s and Don’t

  1.  Parents and fans should be sitting on the same side as the team. Home team gets a choice of which side their want their team and fans on.
  2.  Coaches please remind your families that they are not to be sitting/standing behind the net for any games.  Parents are to be on the sidelines.